Project Partners

SEVal srl is the biggest italian company involved in the collecting, treating and disposal of WEEE included batteries. The main activities on LiBat project are: request of authorization, tendering and construction of the prototype, demonstration activities of both mechanical and hydrometallurgical sections, monitoring prototype and product performance, dissemination.  
The group of Theory of the Development of Chemical Processes of the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza University of Rome is involved in the development of innovative hydrometallurgical processes for high tech waste exploitation. The main activities on LiBat project are: lab scale test to define the process design, monitoring prototype and product performance, characterization of recovered products and wastes.  
Eco Recycling is a company created in 2008 by University researchers, and two SMEs involved in recycling and treatment of industrial wastes. The initial aim of this spin-off addressed the technology transfer of a new patent developed to recycle alkaline spent batteries. This activity was then extended to the valorization of other wastes such as spent catalysts, WEEE and other spent batteries. Th project manager of the LiBat Project is Prof. Francesca Pagnanelli. MISSION AND ACTIVITIES:...